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About-Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington

Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington can assist you with all aspects of retaining walls, from design and construction to repair and maintenance. Although retaining walls are a popular task for experts and companies, many don’t take enough time to think about other services and aspects nor employ qualified and experienced contractors who can truly provide the best services and solution. We want to change this. We believe that it is crucial to communicate with our clients and offer more than just construction solutions and if we want to deliver top results, we need the best team for it.

Our company has been around for over 17 years. Our employees have at least six years of experience in the industry and all of them are licensed and insured retaining wall contractors who understand what they are doing regardless of the type of wall they have to work with or build for you.

No matter whether you need a masonry or concrete rubble retaining wall, we can help you design it. There are many materials and types available in the city and the most important of all: we use the highest quality materials to guarantee the results’ durability and longevity. This includes repairs and when performing maintenance.

You can choose to have a particular type or style of retaining wall, depending on how it looks in your garden, patio, or other places, such as construction sites and roads.

We will discuss your specific needs and recommend the best option if you aren’t clear about one. If you do yet don’t know the disadvantages and advantages, we will go over them with you.

It is our responsibility to make the best decisions for you or more like, alongside you, without jeopardizing what you want for your landscaping. This is not an easy balance. However, we can help you achieve it. And, just so you are clear, you still have final say in the whole process.

We Help with More Than Your Regular Construction

Because retaining wall construction and designs are the most requested services in the area, we cannot deny they are what we deliver the most and offer to every person in Wellington and in Florida. It is a rewarding and fun experience and we always love working on building a new wall.

However, we find just as important the need of performing repairs and maintenance in order to guarantee a wall’s durability. This is why we offer retaining wall repair as part of our services. This includes cracks, stability issues and other problems that you may have noticed. It all depends on how long your wall has been holding soil and exposed to all weather conditions.

We will inspect your wall to find out if there are any filtration issues. We will then make sure the repairs are done properly so that durability and longevity can again be restored.

Clients will usually contact us right away with any question or suggestion. Some clients might feel there is an issue, but they are not sure what to do, how to fix it or whether professional help is necessary.

Call us immediately to let us know why you require repairs. We are experts who can diagnose and provide solutions. Sometimes we’ll let you wait. However, this is not recommended because the damage could get worse quickly.

We are also available to assist you with maintenance or any other project related to retaining walls. Even if you don’t see the service listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. If required, we can offer customized options after listening to what you need.

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