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Cantilever Retaining Wall-Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington

Cantilever retaining walls are designed to resist dirt, soil, rocks and other elements. This is a great way to enhance your property’s appeal while also addressing the problems that properties and terrains can face when they are subject to storms and rain. These walls are beautiful because of the way they are constructed. Engineering involves both the main material as well as the steel bars. It is crucial to consider how the wall will look and ensure that it is built by experienced professionals. The Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington team can help design and build this support to provide extra resistance for areas that need it or to hold in place soil.

Over the past twenty years, we have been Florida’s top retaining wall contractor. We know how to design and build cantilever walls correctly. This is why we have tried to bring in more professionals to help us with new projects. Based on the requirements of each client, our contractors are well-versed in the system and how it should work.

Because they offer stability and support to the soil, retaining walls are becoming more popular than people think. This allows homeowners and property owners to create unique landscape designs, while also retaining more soil that anchor walls or masonry walls can.

What Support Does The Cantilever Retaining Wall Offer?

The wall is constructed on a slab foundation and resists most of its weight. It also provides greater stability. Backfill can also be used to stabilize the wall against soil masses, making it an excellent choice for construction sites.

It won’t be a problem if the wall is correctly constructed and placed.

The steel bars are placed on top of the main wall structure. These walls are usually made from concrete or stone and provide additional support. It’s more than just having the structure filled with backfill. This will give the wall the strength it requires and the control it deserves.

This type of retaining wall can compete with gravity walls because of the engineering and design work. It can also offer more options for difficult landscaping designs that require a lot of soil. Maybe you have to deal with slopes or hilly terrains on roads and mountains.

Cantilever walls: How expensive are they? Are You Willing to Spend a Fortune on Cantilever Walls?

Prices can vary depending on the type of retaining wall being constructed on your property. The final cost will vary depending on the materials used, wall size, and design.

It is crucial to decide what type of wall you want for cantilever walls. Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington can assist you throughout the entire process. We will provide you with a free estimate so that you can see the estimated cost. This will let you see whether the price will change or remain the same depending on what you do to the planning process.

The average cost per square foot and per linear foot can differ. Cantilever walls can cost anywhere from $18 to $59 per square foot. It will depend on wall type, main material, and complexity of design and installation.

We can give you an exact estimate, instead of using averages and estimates based on per linear foot. There are two options.

  • Please let us know what kind of retaining wall that you want when you call or email us. We will use the cantilever wall in this case. Please give as much information as possible so we can provide an estimate based upon the wall’s dimensions and possible materials. Emails can be more detailed than a phone estimate.
  • Our team will visit your property. This is a free service that will give you an estimate close to the final price.

We will need to include in the estimate how we will install the wall, and where it will be located. We must also address permits and paperwork.

Permits are issued by us. Each of our retaining walls contractors holds a license. This is an essential part of our job. It does not have a significant impact on the project’s costs.

The entire process is managed by our team. You get the best value for your money when you choose to have your cantilever walls built by us. We have the expertise and qualified contractors, as well as the hardscaping assistance and design support that no other company offers.

How do you know if cantilever walls are right for you?

It is crucial to understand the strengths and limitations for retaining walls before making any decision.

This information will be shared with you by our team so you can decide if the cantilever option suits you. If you require more stability and resistance, this wall is the right choice. This wall is ideal for construction and commercial projects.

Although it isn’t the best choice, it offers a bit more resistance than others. You might be concerned about design, aesthetics and durability. We want to help you make an informed decision based on all the available options.

Our team will help guide you through the process. We can also provide support if you prefer aesthetic appeal over meeting specific needs.

Cantilever walls can be used for water drainage or other functional purposes. We can still make it possible to install them in your space or property.

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