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Stone Retaining Wall-Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington

Stone retaining walls are very common in Florida because of their aesthetic appeal and the variety of hardscaping designs that can be created with them. As long as they are installed by skilled retaining wall contractors, they are durable. You can build them anywhere, even in yards and squares. Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington are skilled professionals. As our company has been in business for more than 20 years, we have constructed over 234 stone walls throughout the city and its surrounding areas.

Retaining walls are a popular choice for hardscape elements due to their durability, long-term usage, and finally their aesthetics and functionality. For places like Delray Beach, the main function of retaining walls is far more important than their aesthetics. This will be something we continue to pay attention to as our goal is to bring new life to your landscaping.

We will do our best to meet all your needs and provide outstanding results.

Why Stone Retaining Walls

You should consider the advantages of each type of wall you want to put on your property. Next, make a list of the ones that don’t meet your criteria.

Stone walls can be a matter for both homeowners and business owners looking to enhance their gardens and landscaping. People often choose stone walls for their aesthetics, not the long-term or functional benefits. Sometimes, this can lead to the opposite outcome you desire: a wall that doesn’t last long because it lacks the stability and support required to maintain it.

Take the time to review the reasons you need this type of wall. Then, spend some more time reviewing the characteristics of other walls.

  • Stronger than all other types of retaining wall.

Stones offer stability and resistance to natural elements. Contrary to nature, contractors place stones according to soil conditions. This ensures that they will hold the soil and offer stability throughout the wall’s length.

They can hold tons of dirt and stones in addition to holding soil and small quantities of earth. No matter how they are used or how long the soil or rocks are kept, stone retaining walls last. They are resistant to hurricanes, severe storms, hot weather, and other extreme conditions.

  • The long-term benefits of are minimal maintenance.

They do not need to be stained or painted. They don’t require any polishing or cleaning. There is not much maintenance required. It is important to ensure that items are in good condition and clean by providing at least an assessment and maintenance every two years.

  • It is both beautiful and useful.

It can be used as a soil protector and to divert or drain water. It is a natural element which blocks all soil and prevents it from eroding. You can also make more space.

Many Wellington properties are plagued by uneven blocks and slopes, which make it difficult for new furniture to be placed or redesign the whole property. These spaces can be created by building a stone wall. This will preserve the soil and give the space a new level you or others can use.

Flooding and damage to your property or other outdoor elements won’t be an issue if the wall is tall enough and designed in a way that you can offer all necessary assistance.

  • Your property will have more value.

Because they drain water and reduce soil erosion, retaining walls can increase the value of any property in Florida.

Stone retaining walls are a great way to add value to your home, and they can be more expensive than other types. These walls are attractive and provide all functions. Buyers see them as an investment they don’t have to make or save time building one.

Hardscape is more costly and takes longer than other landscaping options. It is not common for people to take the time to evaluate the space and build the wall. Before you sell your property or land, you will reap the many benefits of having us do the work.

Costs & Durability Won’t be a Problem

Because there are many types of stone available, durability and materials for the construction of the wall will be key factors.

Weather conditions, quality of materials, who built or installed the wall and any other factors that can affect stone retaining walls over the long- and short-term.

The groundwater source’s limitations also play an important role. It may be more difficult to break if it is on very steep terrain.

Our team will make sure that your stone wall lasts at most 50 years. Our team only uses the finest materials and can help you with any questions. We care about making sure that the structure and design can withstand the same amount of stones as they do.

It is important to consider the price, size and design. While we only use the finest materials, this is not an issue as we make sure that they are affordable. We are able to adapt our prices to meet every client’s requirements.

On average, stone retaining walls are $20-$72 per square foot. Some stones can be more expensive than others. It all depends on the type of stone you choose, and if you have the budget to pay for other options.

We will help you navigate the process so that you have a stone wall that is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

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