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Westlake-Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington

Retaining walls are never easy to build, repair, or provide maintenance to. Although they are known for being able to last for over five decades, everything depends on many variable factors, including who built them and the materials used and if they are of high-quality. Retaining Wall Pros of Wellington is a top company that areas of services include Westlake, and we are able to offer the best services in the city as our retaining wall contractors have over eight years of experience working with all types of walls.

In addition, we work hard in finding and getting top-quality materials that help us guarantee even better results. When you are in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing, understand the best solution for each case and client, and have the materials and tools to support the service and skills, you won’t have to be afraid of your wall’s durability and longevity.

We have built over 2,000 walls over the past 17 years, and we are proud to be one of the main companies that people in Westlake and Wellington rely to when they need to build a retaining wall.

Repairs and maintenance are services we also include in our company as we understand how crucial they are. As rare as they are—in the case of our own walls since we guarantee their longevity and durability—they play important roles in the long-term result and performance.

We want to make sure that even if you did not have your wall installed by our team, you can get access to all post-installation services needed to ensure it remains as perfect as the first day and continues to perform well to keep preventing soil erosion, allow soil retention, and diverting or draining water as needed.

What Type of Retaining Wall Can We Build for You?

Any on the list of existing options in the industry. Unlike other contractors, we have made sure to continuously improve and add new services to our list.

If you aren’t confident or sure about the type of retaining wall you want and need for your project, property, space, or place, you can always request our retaining wall construction service and we will help you choose the most suitable option based on your preferences and needs.

From there, we will make sure you get all the guidance and support required so you are happy with the design and final result.

Now, if you do have a preference or a type in mind, we are not limited to only a few ones. You can request masonry walls, cantilever walls, concrete rubble retaining walls and more.

We are happy to work with all types and ensure you get the exact wall you’ve always wanted and is perfect for covering needs such as water diverting and preventing soil erosion, or maybe you just want a specific design for your property and space.

Rest assured we will work hard, with experienced and licensed contractors, and top quality materials to ensure longevity, performance, and durability.

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